High five for $5

High five for $5

About This Campaign

Give us a high five by becoming a monthly donor! The Center for family Resources provides comprehensive services that identify and address the root causes that lead to housing instability.

High five for $5 focuses on the five common barriers that lead to housing instability.
1) Unemployment or underemployment
2) Access to affordable childcare
3) Educational attainment
4) Financial insecurity, debt and credit issues
5) Access to reliable transportation
Any one of these can place families in crisis, cause unnecessary trauma and prevent them from maintaining their quality of life.

Please join us in our efforts to impact families and disrupt the cycles that lead to crisis and instability by giving a $5, $25 or $50 monthly gift.

Give $5 for five today!
The Center for Family Resources

Campaign to Support The Center for Family Resources

We are a Cobb County-based organization that works exclusively to serve local families and individuals that are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. We provide tailored, long term supportive services to our clients. We aim to ensure that once they leave our program, they will have all the necessary skills, tools, and resources to be self sufficient enough to never again need us, or any organization like us.


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  1. Tameka Price
    Tameka Price gave a $5.51 donation
    In memory of my grandparents and my sister.
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  2. Khadijah Hall
    Khadijah Hall gave a $5.51 donation
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