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COMMAND AND CONQUER Take shelter and hide-out in this rugged playground bunker. Perfect for defending your backyard or planning a classified mission, this hideout comes armed with the latest nerf gun technology to keep you ready for action. Also included are all the supplies you’ll need for a successful operation… and if it goes south, just slip out of the top-secret trap door. This playhouse comes with the motorized tank pictured. Croy will be using this opportunity to support another of their favorite organizations - Shepherd Center, one of the top ranked rehab hospitals in the US. Croy will match the winning auction bid and gift that amount to Shepherd Center. Support two great organizations with one bid! This house was designed and built by Eddie Wade of Croy Engineering. Find out more about Croy at www.croyengineering.com. Auction winners can choose to purchase the playhouse for themselves or gift the house to one of our nonprofit partners. This year’s nonprofit recipients are Make-A-Wish® Georgia, liveSAFE Resources, Sheltering Arms and Calvary Children’s Home.


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Estimated Retail Value: $2,500.00
Non-tax-deductible amount: $1,800.00
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The Center for Family Resources
In Support of The Center for Family Resources
We are a Cobb County-based organization that works exclusively to serve local families and individuals that are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. We provide tailored, long term supportive services to our clients. We aim to ensure that once they leave our program, they will have all the necessary skills, tools, and resources to be self sufficient enough to never again need us, or any organization like us.
Parade of Playhouses 2021
The Center for Family Resources presents the First Annual Parade of Playhouses! This special showcase brings together design and construction teams to create unique children’s playhouses that will be showcased to help raise awareness for the children and families that we serve. The 2021 Parade of Playhouses event replaces our annual gala and raises critical funds to support our mission-based work of preventing childhood homelessness and supporting families on the path to stability and success. 
The Center for Family Resource has been serving the community for more than 60 years. Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive services that identify and address the root causes that lead to housing insecurity and to help families work towards long-term stability. Thank you for partnering with us to have a positive impact on the children and families in Cobb County.
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